Hedgehogs,as their name suggests, like to live in hedgerows, undergrowth and any safe dark place where they can spend the day out of the light, being nocturnal animals. They do not inhabit high and wet ground because of the shortage of food and suitable nesting places. They are almost completely covered with spines (5000/7000) which are really modified hairs with strong sharp ends. These spines protect it from predators as, when approached the hedgehog curls up into a ball and therefore is difficult creature to attack. However they do fall prey to larger birds, badgers and foxes.They make little sound, except when feeding and hunting.


Generally hedgehogs are insect eaters with beetles, small slugs, caterpillars and worms as their staple food.
Nevertheless they will eat cat and dog food of the non–fish variety if left out for them. They get lots of the required moisture needed from the insects they eat but a saucer of water will provide them with extra liquids.

MILK MUST NOT be given as this causes stomach problems that could prove fatal for younger hogs, better to give a glucose solution or plain water with a little sugar dissolved in it.