What to do

Being strictly a nocturnal animal, any hedgehog found out during daylight hours will almost certainly have a problem, though not always apparent. Please do not leave it unattended

First thing to do is to pick it up by slipping fingers under its tummy, or place a towel over it and put it into a deep sided cardboard or plastic box. 

Fill a bottle with warm-to hot water and place under an old towel or jumper in the bottom of the box. 

Put the hedgehog on or close to the heat source and cover with another towel. It is essential to get the hedgehogs body temperature up to somewhere near normal, otherwise its body functions will rapidly deteriorate.

Having done this, find a secluded area indoors which is warm and dry, keeping children and other animals away …noise or disturbance will stress the hedgehog further.

You can contact us on 01706 860904
or contact the Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 who will give you the number of the nearest carer.

Do not however watch the hedgehog over a number of days to see if it recovers as it may be then too late to treat it properly.

With winters seemingly getting shorter, the chances of coming across a litter, at almost any time are now even greater … particularly when you tidy up the garden or move an old shed ( a favourite place for mum to raise her family ).

What to do
1. If mum is with the litter then recover them quickly without touching any of the young by hand. Should you be in doubt about their welfare then please contact us.

2. If mum is not there, again recover as above, don’t touch but call us straight away we will advise you what to do.

3. In both cases keep children and animals well away…noise and disturbance will stress the hedgehog further.

4. Abandoned young will come out of the nest to search for mum. If you find one then check the area as others may be in a nest near by. Again contact us for advice immediately.


If found in time, babies like those pictured above can be successfully weaned and returned to the wild. If found then immediate action should be taken.