Saturday, April 4

Harley-Davidson 101: The Product Line

A hardcore Harley-Davidson fanatic might pride himself on knowing the nitty-gritty behind the nomenclature that the motorcycle company uses to identify their product lineup. However, if you’re not familiar with what a VLH is, or what FLHTCUTG means, there’s no need to sweat it. All you really need to know is the four basic models of their product line, and where models like the new 2020 1200 Custom fit in.

The Harley-Davidson Street

Touted as the newest and most nimble bikes Harley-Davidson has available, for riders who want a fun, powerful bike to ride around the urban jungle. Models include the Street 500 and the Street 750. The Street 500 features a 500cc Liquid-cooled, Revolution X® V-Twin engine producing 29.5 ft-lb of torque at 3,500 RPM, while the Street 750 is a bit more powerful with the 750cc Revolution X™ engine and 43.5 ft-lb of torque at 4,000 RPM behind it.

The Sportster Models

One of the most popular and most iconic Harley -Davidson models ever, the Sportster enjoys a hot rod pedigree dating back to the 1950s, when the company started producing these lightweight but powerful bikes that were capable of achieving racing speeds. It became famous for winning races both off-road and on the streets.

The 2020 1200 Custom is a perennial favourite of Sportster fanatics and it delivers on all cylinders. The iconic 1200cc Evolution V-Twin air-cooled engine produces a satisfying, rumble together with a substantial low-end torque on top of sleek, black steel wheels that will get you to wherever you want to go, fast. See more at Gasoline Alley

The Softail Models

Harley-Davidson’s Softail line is known for having a rear suspension system that’s hidden out of view, purposely designed so the bikes still look like a hardtail. Each model brings its own particular style and attitude, ranging from vintage, futuristic, or aggressively dark. The new 2020 lineup features three new models that follow the path carved out by this icon.

  • The 2020 Breakout 114 is powered by the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine which delivers massive torque to its massive rear tire (240mm wide). This modern bike just spews long, lean muscular attitude.
  • The 2020 Fat Boy also enjoys the power of the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine as well as a 240mm rear tire with disc wheels on both front and rear. The 2020 version is leaner, lighter, and with its satin chrome finishes, more handsome.
  • The 2020 Sport Glide features fairings with a batwing-inspired design, saddlebags to help you carry supplies wherever you want to go, and the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine that will get you there. Features include rigid mounting plus an intricate counterbalancing system to add smoothness to your ride.

Harley has always built its Softails with a lightweight frame, a responsive suspension system, and a powerful Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin engine, and the tradition continues with these brawny choppers.

The Touring Models

Harley-Davidson designed its touring lineup for bikers who crave the long, open road. Those who frequently look towards the open horizon will find their match in the Road Glide Special, the Road King, and the Sport Glide. The Harley touring models are perfect for those who want a comfortable, smooth ride without sacrificing the traditional feel of a Harley.

For Aussie riders who want to take a look at the new 2020 1200 Custom or just enjoy the Harley-Davidson experience, visit this website: to see where it takes you.