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Looking for means to stay healthy? Check out these pointers

There are illnesses these days that can weaken your immune system no matter how much you strive to stay healthy. If you live in Woolloongabba, choosing reliable doctors Woolloongabba has to offer is a wise choice.

Everybody intends to remain healthy because being ill is frustrating. But, you cannot predict when you will be ill, which is why choosing doctors open Sunday is more convenient.

While you cannot manage how illness spreads out, it is best to be prepared. Aside from remaining fit and consuming healthy meals, begin searching for reliable doctors Woolloongabba medical centres offer. This will cut the time spent on looking for a doctor when you are ill. If you have an existing GP, ask if they are open on Sundays, so it will be easier for you. Whether you remain in Woolloongabba or Coorparoo, find reliable doctors that you can visit for assessment.

There are also other means that you can try to stay healthy. Below are a few of them:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Never disregard the health benefits of drinking plenty of water. It is recommended that you drink at least 6-8 glasses a day or even more. It helps maintain nearly all the vital organs in your body. Water keeps the PH balance of your body and ensures your temperature is regulated.
  1. Stop smoking or stay away from someone who does. Smoking is dangerous to your health, and the risk increases if you are a secondhand smoker. Meaning, even if you don’t smoke but if you hang out with people who do, you have a higher risk of developing lung cancer. Competent doctors Woolloongabba currently offers can educate you better on how you can completely quit smoking. Take a look at SmartClinics
  1. Be physically active at least for 30 minutes a day. This will help prevent the development of cardiac problems. You can try activities, like walking, dancing, running, yoga, cycling, or anything that you love. You can break this up into three ten-minute sessions if you think 30 minutes is too long or if you are pressed for time.
  1. Eat nutritious food. Eating unhealthy food choices will defeat the purpose of your physical activity. What will you accomplish if you work out and yet still consume an unbalanced meal? Focus on foods that are rich in vitamins, whole grains, and vegetables, while keeping your intake of red meat to a minimum. You should also reduce your intake of bad fats, such as saturated fats and trans fat. Increasing your intake of vitamins rich in folate helps secure better nutrition.
  1. Stay out of direct sunlight. The suns harmful rays are more intensified between 10 am to 3 pm. Even if it’s a cloudy day or if you are in the water, your skin can still be damaged by intense UVB and UVA rays. Using sunscreen lotion that has broadspectrum can help protect your skin. However, even with these products, it is not recommended to stay too long under the sun. Use garments that help protect your skin from sun damage or find a shaded spot.
  1. Book a doctors visit. Even if you don’t feel ill, it is important to show up at a Woolloongabba or Coorparoo clinic and be assessed by your doctor. Annual physical checkups are crucial especially as you grow older. There are problems that are not visible to the naked eye, but with the expert evaluation of your doctor, you can ensure your body is in great shape.

These are just a few pointers to remember if you want to be in tip-top shape. But just in case an illness gets past your body’s defences, visit a doctor open Sunday for your convenience. No need to wait until Monday to have yourself assessed. You don’t want to miss work just to visit your doctor, which is why having doctors available on Sundays is an advantage. For more details, visit us at: