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Top 4 Signs Your Citroen Car Needs Maintenance

While it is tempting to acquire a new car like the most current Citroen offered today, you can still get the same car for less costs, as long as you buy from trusted dealerships. Also, you need to pick a trustedcar service Brisbane North has today to make sure the utilized Citroen car stays in outstanding condition.


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New vehicles like the Citroen C4 or C5 are acknowledged for being succinct, fairly priced, and effective. Despite the design you obtain, your car’s health depends on how you take care of it. Taking it to a proficient car service Brisbane North has today will definitely make a distinction.

Why Routine Maintenance Is Essential

Although you might collect maintenance tips online, it still makes a distinction if you take your car to a reliable Citroen C4 car service centre. Not only will it assist to ensure your car is looked after by pros, but will also extend your car’s life span.

Here are a few of the indications your Citroen needs a trustworthy car service in Brisbane:

1. Examine if the engine light is flashing – This is one of the most typical car problems owners fear since it can just indicate one thing: a journey to a mechanic. It might be an indication of an engine misfire that might trigger extreme damage to the catalytic converter if the light is blinking. This might cost you a great deal of cash. Yet, the issue generally isn’t really that huge if the light is consistent. Because it’s an indication of an engine issue, you should immediately take your vehicle to a trusted car service Brisbane North offers today.

2. Leakages – Bright green or yellow fluid dripping from under your car might indicate the coolant is dripping. Dark brown or red fluids might be oil dripping from your vehicle’s transmission, engine, or brakes. Make a consultation with a Citroen C5 car service instantly if it’s a repeating issue.

3. Check any smoke coming from under the bonnet – It’s constantly a pushing issue if your car is producing smoke from under the bonnet. It might be an indication of overheating, which can seriously harm the engine and cost you a heavy price for repair work. Inspect the temperature level gauge if this occurs to your Citroen vehicle. You require to pull over right away if it’s above the suggested temperature level. Call a licensed Brisbane City Citroen  service for assistance. Do not try to open the radiator’s cover as this might trigger the coolant/water to burst, leading to first-degree burns.

4. Unusual noises from your car – Do you hear any distinct or unknown sounds like rattling, clunking, clacking, clicking, or squeaking? An unusual sound might suggest loose, unclean, or used parts. All these noises might be a caution for security problems that require instant attention from Citroen C5 service specialists.

5. Excessive smoke coming out from the exhaust pipeline –Thick, white smoke suggests a major engine issue, like a blown head gasket, broken engine block, or deformed cylinder head–all which are triggered by overheating. This might imply that the coolant is dripping into the cylinders or combustion chamber if you see a lot of smoke from your vehicle’s exhaust pipeline. The first time this occurs, make certain to bring your car to a Citroen C5 service today.

Although there’s a quite high service cost, it’s absolutely nothing compared to the highly-priced repair costs that result from your nonchalance with issues. Visit for a reliable Citroen service.