Tuesday, May 26

What’s the Ideal Service Schedule for Your Car?

The last thing you want is for your car not to turn on once you turn the ignition key, especially on a morning when you seem late for everything. As much as you rely on your ute, SUV or car to get between places, you do need a reliable vehicle. However, reliability is not a responsibility of the vehicle, it rests on your ability to keep up with maintenance and leveraging frequent car service special offers.

The 5,000-km rule doesn’t work

You might have grown up hearing the virtues of having a vehicle’s engine oil changed every 5,000 kilometres. This was once the standard in the automotive industry, but technological advances allow cars to be driven on the same filters, lubricants and fluids beyond this interval. Depending on the year and model of the vehicle, you can smoothly go between 8,000 to even 25,000 kilometres between oil changes with no engine problems.

Unfortunately, a significant number of drivers still follow the 5,000-kilometre rule. Over-servicing your vehicle is preferable than the alternative, but doing so contributes to your KIA Cerato service cost considerably. Following the recommended maintenance intervals for your car can help reduce service costs to something lower than the repair costs if you skip needed maintenance.

Listen to your in-vehicle maintenance system

In-car maintenance systems were first introduced in the 70s and originally consisted of programmed alerts for specified distances. Vehicle manufacturers made these systems, which made them a reliable source of service reminders compared to third-party advice. Decades later, smart technology in modern vehicles tells you when servicing is required, reducing KIA Sportage service cost further.

The automated programs in a car’s onboard computer system analyse several operating conditions and performance data, including information from:

  • Cold engine starts
  • The average driving speed and time
  • Ambient air temperatures
  • Median engine loads

Algorithms then use these factors to provide a real-time indicator of when the car’s fluids start degrading. These systems eliminate the need for separate severe and regular KIA service cost schedules since the recommendations are based on actual data and not estimated figures.

When maintenance is required, a reminder light shows up on the dashboard. Such in-vehicle systems offer clarity required whenever you go in for a car service special.

Use available resources

Unfortunately, in-vehicle maintenance systems come with some limitations. Most systems only offer alerts for routing services like tire rotations and oil changes, and servicing that require additional inspections. Many service reminder systems in the market do not alert you whenever other critical maintenance steps should be taken, such as:

  • Coolant flushes
  • Replacement of timing belt
  • Flushing brake fluid
  • Changing spark plugs

The manual that comes is a valuable resource for service recommendations. Use the information in the booklet in conjunction with the in-vehicle maintenance systems. Other systems like mobile applications sometimes make the servicing process easier using the information you input regarding your car for a customised maintenance schedule.

However, never overlook the benefit of taking your automobile to the regular car service special. Leverage on the knowledge of the experts at Toowong KIA for long-term car service cost efficiency. For more details, visit us at https://www.toowongkia.com.au/service/